Located in Rochester, NY
Will travel up to 30 miles.

Diesel's Description:
My specialty is computers and home A/V setups. I can design, build, and repair custom computers and provide support for any components in your house. I do it as a hobby so I'm not looking for any significant amount of money. If you have a quick question I'd be happy to help you out over the phone at no cost. feel free to ask me about anything

  • PC Hardware repair/replacement
  • PC Software installation/repair
  • Mac Software and Hardware repair
  • Mac Software Installation/repair
  • Mac hardware installation/repair
  • Software installation/configuration for PDA/Pocket PC/Mobile Phones
  • Audio
  • Home Theater/Entertainment Center
  • iPod setup and Training
  • Installation of Surround Sound Speakers
  • TV/Video Installation
  • Wiring/Cabling Installation
  • DVR/Tivo/Cable/Satellite Installation
  • TV Installation
  • Game Systems
  • Game System Installation

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