Located in Albany, NY
Will travel up to 55 miles.

ccsinc's Description:
Custom Computer Services was founded in late October, 1999 by Matthew Kaufman, who has over 16 years experience using computers. The company was originally designed for Technical advice and Customer tutoring. The company has evolved ever since. In 2000 Matthew starting providing Software and Hardware Troubleshooting services. He also added webpage design. In 2001-2004 The company has slowly grown to incorporate graphic design and PC upgrades. In January of 2005 at the start of the new year, Custom Computer Services has taken on Building custom PCs . Whether its a computer for personal use, business use, or the avid computer gamer, we can build it for you with quality parts and superb service. We also offer network planning and wiring services for any home or business that so wishes to do so. I hope you will stay and enjoy our website.
Matthew Kaufman
CEO and Founder 

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